• LifeSecure Earthquake Search & Rescue Team Kit (31200)

Earthquake Search & Rescue Team Kit (31200)

This earthquake search and rescue kit is an important component of solid emergency preparedness for any facility. 

The instructions and supplies in this kit can be used to conduct search and rescue operations until qualified professional emergency help arrives and to assist the professionals once they are on the scene.


For search and rescue:

  • (2) hard hats
  • (2) pairs leather palmed work gloves
  • (2) safety vests
  • (2) safety goggles
  • (1) roll of duct tape
  • (1) pry bar

For easy breathing:

  • (2) dust masks

For attending to injured people:

  • (1) search and rescue first aid kit
  • (4) pairs vinyl gloves

For communication and light:

  • (2) whistles with lanyards
  • (2) flashlights with two sets of batteries
  • (2) 12-hour light sticks

For compact storage and easy carrying:

  • Packed in a heavy-duty backpack with a suede leather bottom for content protection and easy carrying
  • Double pockets aid organization
  • The bright orange tag identifies kit in an emergency

Dimensions: 17in x 13in x 5 1/2in

Weight: 11 lbs.

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LifeSecure Earthquake Search & Rescue Team Kit (31200)

  • $129.95

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