• LifeSecure SecureEvac Easy-Roll Classroom Evacuation & Lockdown Kit (31850)

A portable rolling emergency support kit for evacuating students and staff or supporting them in place during a lockdown or for the first several hours after an emergency or disaster. Each kit includes survival supplies for up to 29 students and one teacher. High-visibility marking and flashing safety signal provide quick emergency identification and increased safety in use. These kits also provide portable emergency support for field trips and other off-campus events.

Special Features:

  • Mobile: Kits are packed in a SecurEvac easy-roll backpack with telescoping handle (converts to regular backpack), padded shoulder straps, top carry handle, and sternum strap for stability in motion
  • Complete: Each kit includes key survival supplies for all the basic needs of a class of up to 29 students and one teacher.
  • Visible: Bags are designed for quick-find emergency identification and high visibility for safety in use: safety orange markings, 360° high-visibility reflective safety stripes, integrated 3-LED flashing safety signal.
  • Secure: Breakaway tamper-evident closure ties for main compartments keep supplies secure yet accessible in an emergency.
  • Flexible: This kit can be used to evacuate or shelter-in-place according to the specific emergency situation.

For mobility and storage:

  • (1) SecurEvac easy-roll backpack with integrated LED safety signal

For search and rescue:

  • (1) pair leather palmed work gloves
  • (1) pair safety goggles
  • (1) pry bar
  • For easier breathing:
  • (30) dust masks

For minor medical situations:

  • (1) First Aid Kit
  • (3) emergency blankets

For hydration:

  • (30) Emergency drinking water pouches (4 oz.) [5-year shelf life]

For nutrition:

  • (5) 2,400 calorie food bars (60 portions) [5-year shelf life]

For shelter:

  • (1) 8" x 10" tarp/ground cover

For communication and light:

  • (1) whistle with lanyard
  • (1) AM/FM radio with extra batteries
  • (1) flashlight with extra batteries
  • (2) 12-hour light sticks

For maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation:

  • (1) Carry-Flat portable toilet
  • (6) toilet bags
  • (6) deodorizer packets
  • (2) toilet paper rolls
  • (4) pairs vinyl gloves
  • (30) sanitary towelettes
  • (2) 4 oz bottles hand sanitizer

For the teacher:

  • (1) emergency instruction sheet
  • (1) clipboard
  • (1) writing tablet
  • (2) pens
  • (10) tamper-evident breakaway closure ties

Dimension & Weight: 14" x 21" x 13", 30 lbs.

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LifeSecure SecureEvac Easy-Roll Classroom Evacuation & Lockdown Kit (31850)

  • $299.95

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