• HeartStation AED Wireless Locator Transmitter

Improve the success of your PAD program with a HeartStation AED location transmitter. This siren will guide you directly to the AED during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) emergency.

Transmitter Instructions:

Place this transmitter at the entrance of the building, or anywhere else that the AED isn't immediately visible

  • Hang the heart transmitter on the wall
  • Typical range of up to 500ft and 250ft through obstructions
  • Press the button and this transmitter is ready to use
  • Two-stage activation reduces tampering and false triggers

Receiver Instructions:

Place the receiver at the AEDs physical location.

  • The receiver lets out a 130-decibel siren and has a high-intensity strobe light
  • Plug HeartStation receiver into an available power source or power directly into the electrical system
  • Can handle up to 100 transmitters
  • Receivers are programmed to a specific transmitter for multiple AEDs

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HeartStation AED Wireless Locator Transmitter

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