AED Trainer with adult & child gel adhesive pads. With metronome, 5 scenario buttons, English/Spanish setting switch, automatic/semi-automatic settings, and a water-resistant case.


American Red Cross AED Trainer with Adult & Child gel pads. 5 scenarios corresponding to the multiple Red Cross course curriculum. Consistent with new American Red Cross ECC 2020 guidelines. Stronger rubberized outer construction. More energy efficient internal design for less battery power draw. 2-year warranty. Longer lasting AED trainer pads, with gel adhesive backing, for easier on/off pad placement. Automatic/ semi-automatic setting. Instructor settings on back of AED trainer to prevent accidental activation. Water resistant soft case for training on pool decks and other wet surfaces.

Contents Include:


1 - AED Trainer with Metronome, English/Spanish setting switch, volume control, 5 scenario buttons, auto/semi-automatic settings, pause button, on/off power switch

1 - Clam Shell Water Resistant Nylon Case

1 - Set Adult Pads with Gel Adhesive

1 - Set Child Pads with Gel Adhesive

3 - C-Batteries

1 - Instructions


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Red Cross AED Trainer with Gel Adhesive Pads

  • $199.00

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