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  • COOLSHIRT 12-Person Multiperson Cooler Only (IceHole)

The COOLSHIRT 12-Person Multiperson Cooler Only (IceHole) is a modified Icehole cooler that keeps your employees cool in mobile or hot stationary repetitive task environments.


  • Ongoing or remote cooling station for an employee to periodically cool down as needed
  • Utilizing either a 110V or optional 12V power source, the system cools from 1 to 6 people at a time
  • The cooler has a retractable handle and wheels, making it conveniently portable.
  • Consistent use of the system will help keep the employee safe, mentally alert and productive by helping to maintain a safe core body temperature while performing tasks
  • Can be used as a replacement or extending your cooling system

Additional COOLSHIRTS can be ordered separately to allow the users to move about and "recharge" at a cooling station as needed.

COOLSHIRT 12-Person Multiperson Cooler Only (IceHole)

  • $1,968.00

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