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  • COOLSHIRT Active Aqua Vest Hooded

The Hooded COOLSHIRT Active Aqua Vests can be used two ways:  

  • As a constant connection to a cooling system for ongoing cooling during strenuous activity
  • On-demand

When a connection isn't a possibility, the Active Aqua Vests can be worn and then plugged into cooling system as needed.

How do they work? 

By circulating cold water through 50 ft. of medical grade, capillary tubing securely stitched to the front and back of the vests allowing water to circulate throughout for fast and effective core body cooling.  Spring-loaded connectors easily attach the vests' tubing to a portable or stationary cooling system.


  • Cooling garment helps stabilize body temperature
  • Easy to use and remove for fast rehabilitation
  • Vest design provides quick access to check vital signs
  • Compatible with any COOLSHIRT cooling system 

Alternate part #: AVAH

COOLSHIRT Active Aqua Vest Hooded

  • Starting From $352.00

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