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  • COOLSHIRT Pediatric Blanket

Single-Person Cooling Systems COOLSHIRT Pediatric Blanket


  • 1 Hypothermic Cooling Pad ST-060 (18"x24")

For use with the Hypothermic Cooling System. Can be used as a pad, a blanket, or patient can be placed between 2 pads.

Add to any COOLSHIRT Cooling System or use as a second pad with your Hypothermic Cooling System for therapeutic hypothermia cooling of cardiac and spinal injury patients.

Therapeutic hypothermia for 12 to 24 hrs following resuscitation from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is now recommended by the American Heart Association.

NYC Project Hypothermia Press Release: Mayor Bloomberg and Fire Commissioner Cassano Announce Life-Saving Hypothermia Treatment Now Being Administered by City Paramedics

COOLSHIRT Pediatric Blanket

  • $56.00

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