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  • COOLSHIRT SafeTemp Sensor


  • The heat-stress alarm sends an audible alert to warn you when your core body temperature is reaching dangerous levels before you begin to feel dizzy, have a headache or feel nauseous
  • Maintain your level of performance longer in hot environments
  • The SafeTemp Sensor is 1.5" in diameter
  • Worn against the skin and is held in place a band of a hard hat, cap, visor or a moisture resistant adhesive bandage
  • SafeTemp® from COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS is the only self-alert temperature monitoring sensor. Heat-induced illness can be life-threatening. Approximately 700 people die from heat stroke in the U.S. every year. From Industrial workers and firefighters to athletes and team mascots, many people who work or play in hot environments experience heat stress.

COOLSHIRT SafeTemp Sensor

  • $75.00

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