• DMS-05701 REHAB Vest, Flag & Accountability Kit

The DMS-05701 Firefighter REHAB Vest, Flag & Accountability Kit was created to support the rehabilitation operational guidelines as set forth by the USFA (United States Fire Administration). This kit provides the Incident Commander with the vesting, flagging and admissible documentation recommended to establish a “REHAB Group” within the Incident Command System. DMS-05987 REHAB Personnel Accountability System. 


  • 6 Flags
  • 4 ANSI Class II Breakaway Vests with Clipboards
  • Pens
  • Responsibility Cards
  • DMS-05987 REHAB Personnel Accountability System


  • REHAB Group
  • REHAB Check-in
  • REHAB Equipment Drop
  • REHAB Vital Signs
  • REHAB Rest & Hydration
  • REHAB Release & Reassignment

Vests - ANSI Class II Breakaway:

  • REHAB Manager
  • REHAB Check-in
  • REHAB Vital Signs
  • REHAB Release & Reassignment

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DMS-05701 REHAB Vest, Flag & Accountability Kit

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