• EMI Flashback Five LED Flare Kit (Red/Blue)

The Flashback Three™ LED Kit is also lightweight, compact and portable. It is ideal for all emergency scenes and medevac landing zones where warning lights are crucial. The Flashback Three™ which doesn’t emit fire, toxic chemicals or fumes like a flare is water resistant and can be used safely in hazardous areas.

Flashback Three™ LED Flare Kit is applicable for all EMS, fire and police emergencies as well as traffic control.


  • Each Flashback Three™ comes with its own 8" weighted rubber disc to keep it securely on the ground
  • A strong magnet insert in the disc holds the Flashback Three™ firmly in place
  • The padded Cordura case keeps the LED flares and discs protected and organized


*Please specify if you want a 2,4 or 5 pack kit on the right

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EMI Flashback Five LED Flare Kit (Red/Blue)

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