• LifeSecure Individual 3-Day Emergency Kit  (41130) (Set of 30)

LifeSecure Individual 3-Day Emergency Kit

Personal emergency supplies for 1 person as recommended by U.S. Government for "all-hazards" preparedness emergency instructions, breathing protection, first aid, water and food [US Coast Guard approved; 5-year shelf life], warmth, shelter, communication, light, and hygiene/sanitation.


  • Compact hard-sided storage case with pop-up carry handle protects supplies and stores easily: backpacks, drawers, shelves, cabinets and vehicle storage compartments

Special Features:

  • Comprehensive: Provides for all basic personal emergency needs
  • Compact storage: Fits drawers, shelves, cabinets, autos
  • Supply protection: Hard-sided plastic case
  • Easy carrying: Pop-up handle
  • Quick access to supplies: Full opening lid
  • Long life: Water and food have 5-year shelf life


  • (30) Individual 3-Day Emergency Kits (each kit includes)

For protection and shelter:

  • (1) N-95 respirator (face mask)
  • (1) Emergency thermal blanket
  • (1) Emergency poncho

For communication and light:

  • (1) Metal whistle with lanyard
  • (1) Flashlight with batteries

For hydration and nutrition:

  • (6) 4 oz. emergency water pouches [5-year shelf life - U.S. Coast Guard approved]
  • (1) 2,400 calorie food bar, (12 individually wrapped 200 calorie portions) [5-year shelf life - U.S. Coast Guard approved]

For medical, hygiene and sanitation needs:

  • (1) Personal First Aid Packet
  • (6) Moist towelettes
  • (3) Biohazard bags
  • (1) Tissue pack

For storage and easy carrying:

  • Emergency preparedness supplies packed in a compact hard-sided case with pop-up handle

Dimensions: 10.0'' x 7.25'' x 3.0''

Weight: 4.25 lbs.

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LifeSecure Individual 3-Day Emergency Kit (41130) (Set of 30)

  • $899.00

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