• LifeSecure Stay-Or-Go 2000 2-PERSON 3-DAY Evacuation & Shelter-In-Place Emergency Kit (80200)

LifeSecure Stay-Or-Go2000 2-PERSON 3-DAY Evacuation & Shelter-In-Place Emergency Kit (80200)

Meet U.S.Government All-Hazard Preparedness guidelines for 3 Days (72 hours) of comprehensive emergency support for 2 people

Special Features:

  • Compact/Comprehensive: Compact emergency-grade supplies cover all U.S. Government recommended basics
  • Easy/Flexible transport: Adjustable padded shoulder strap and double hand straps
  • Travel safety and emergency identification: Repositionable LED safety signal visible up to 2,500 feet
  • Durable protection for supplies: Rugged 600-denier duffel; hard-sided cases for personal supplies
  • Quick-access organization: Personal supplies packed in two individual compact carrying cases (important in case of planned or accidental separation); large main compartment with side zippered pocket; easy-pull ergonomic zippers
  • Long life: Water, food, batteries have 5-year shelf life

For protection and shelter:

  • (2) N-95 respirators (face masks)
  • (2) Emergency thermal blankets
  • (2) Emergency ponchos
  • (1) Roll plastic sheeting
  • (1) Roll duct tape

For turning off utilities and other tasks:

  • (1) Multifunction tool [needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutter, file/cutter, flat file, pointed screwdriver, mini-screwdriver, small screwdriver, screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, punch, knife blade]
  • (1) Pair leather-palmed work gloves

For communication and light:

  • (2) Metal whistles with lanyard
  • (1) AM/FM radio with two sets of AAA batteries
  • (1) Flashlight with two sets of D batteries
  • (4) 12-Hour light sticks
  • (1) LED Safety Signal
  • (1) Notepad
  • (1) Pen
  • (1) Waterproof document pouch

For hydration and nutrition:

  • (1) 2-gallon water bag for carrying, purifying and storing water
  • (2) 2,400-calorie food bar (12 individually wrapped 200-calorie portions) [5-year shelf life - U.S. Coast Guard approved]
  • (12) 4 oz. emergency water pouches [5-year shelf life - U.S. Coast Guard approved]
  • (50) Water purification tablets

For medical, hygiene and sanitation needs:

  • (2) Personal First Aid Packet
  • (1) Family First Aid Kit
  • (1) First Aid Guide
  • (3) Biohazard bags
  • (1) Toilet paper roll
  • (12) Moist towelettes

For storage and easy transport:

  • Emergency preparedness supplies are packed in a durable duffel with adjustable shoulder strap and double hand straps.
  • Supplies meant for individual personal use are packed inside the duffel in two separate compact hard-sided carrying cases.

Dimensions:24" x 11" x 11"

Weight:18 lbs.

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LifeSecure Stay-Or-Go 2000 2-PERSON 3-DAY Evacuation & Shelter-In-Place Emergency Kit (80200)

  • $149.95

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