• MobileAid Wall Mount (31650)

MobileAid Wall Mount(31650)

Keep your MobileAid® units organized, secure, and prominently displayed for a rapid response to any emergency or disaster.  This wall mount keeps your MobileAid Emergency Response products neatly stored and prominently displayed for instant identification and access in an emergency or disaster. Breakaway ties provide for tamper-evident security while allowing emergency access. Works with all MobileAid stations, kits, backpacks, and bags.

Special Features:

  • Durable, organized storage: 12 gauge steel bracket securely mounts any MobileAid® station, kit, backpack, or bag to a wall
  • Prominent display for rapid identification and response: Wall mount displays any MobileAid® unit so it can be rapidly found, identified, and deployed in an emergency
  • Tamper-evident security: Breakaway ties (included) can be affixed to the MobileAid® Wall Mount and the MobileAid® unit to deter unauthorized removal while still allowing emergency access to any responder

3.5"W x 3.5"H x 1.5"D
Weight: 9 oz.
Accessories included: 4 mounting screws and 4 breakaway ties

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MobileAid Wall Mount (31650)

  • $28.95

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