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The portable cooling system for athletes includes:

  • An 8’ Water Hose
  • The Mobile Cool 2 w/ Lith Kit Portable Bag
  • A Rapid Rehab Vest

The 8' Water Hose connects your rapid rehab vest to the cooling system. 

The Mobile Cool Bag system allows for easy transportation from different locations. It has self-contained power and has a 500-hour pump life. This system is a Mobile Cool 2 w/ Lith Kit and provides superior cooling.  The Lith Kit is a 7-hour lithium battery with a charger. 

Please note that the maximum voltage is 12V. Anything greater than this will void the warranty.

The Rapid Rehab Vest is used to rehab consistently and safely from heat or cold.  It has full torso coverage and is made up of latex-free neoprene construction which allows item to be wiped down for multiple uses.  This vest is compatible for use with all COOLSHIRT Systems fluid delivery engines.

Portable Cooling System for Athletes

  • $750.00

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