Defibtech Lifeline AEDs

Defibtech is known for its award-winning simple design and loud and clear voice prompts.  The Defibtech line offers an 8-year factory warranty, easy upgrades, and makes it easy to save a life.  You can purchase a separate data card to store and retrieve patient data.  

Defibtech Lifeline AED:

  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Semi-Automatic or Fully-Automatic 
  • Uses 9-Volt Lithium batteries
  • Has an IP54 rating, meaning that this defibrillator has a high resistance to water and dust
  • Includes an indicator light that alerts the user as to whether or not the defibrillator is ready for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergency

Defibtech Lifeline VIEW:

  • With an IP55 rating, this Defibtech Lifeline AED has a high resistance to water and dust
  • Has loud and clear voice prompts that walk the user through the steps during a rescue; giving them a status update on the life-saving process
  • 4-year battery warranty  

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Defibtech Lifeline AED
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