AED Trainers

If you plan on conducting your own CPR/AED training or Automated External Defibrillator (AED) refresher courses, you will need to invest for the most effective training.  AED Trainers are created by AED manufacturers (ZOLL, Defibtech, HeartSine, Cardiac Science, Physio-Control, and Philips) to best replicate the model you’ve purchased without the rescue shock.  These teaching tools come with non-shock pads and a battery to make the learning process as realistic as possible.

Non-shock rescue pads are reusable and can be used for multiple instructions.  

At Cardiac Life we offer all AED manufactured brands, as well as the Prestan Professional AED trainer.        

When Sudden Cardiac Arrest does occur, you'll learn to react with the confidence of a professionally trained responder thanks to hands-on experience.   

We suggest that you consider using both the name brands and generic trainers when your AED program has multiple AED brands.  CPR manikin packages are available so you can create the richest defibrillator training experience for your organization without purchasing from multiple AED sources.  With a manikin, you can learn the correct pad placement, and the correct way to perform CPR.  

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