CPR Manikins

Cardiac Life™ offers a complete line of CPR training manikins, manikin insertion tools, manikin lungs, face shields, and Prestan trainers for life-saving AED and CPR training.  Manikins are for CPR students, both at the professional BLS and Heartsaver levels.  

Child CPR, infant/baby CPR, and adult CPR manikin brands that we offer:

  • Laerdal manikins (Little Anne, Baby Anne, CPR Anytime)
  • Life/form manikins (Basic Buddy)
  • Prestan Professional CPR manikins 
  • CPR Prompt

Manikins will take the place of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest victim and will allow for "real-life" CPR training scenarios.  These manikins have been approved by the AHA and have a rubber torso that allows for easy cleanup and "real-life" chest compression. The manikins airway can be opened to place a lung bag inside using an insertion tool.    

Choose from a brand of CPR training manikins below to get started.

CPR Prompt manikins
Laerdal Manikins

Life-Form Manikins
Prestan manikins

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