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CPR Manikins

Cardiac Life™ offers a complete line of CPR training manikins, manikin insertion tools, manikin lungs, and Prestan trainers for AED and CPR training.  Manikins are for CPR students, both at the professional BLS and Heartsaver levels.  

Child CPR, infant/baby CPR, and adult CPR manikin brands that we offer:

  • Laerdal manikins (Little Anne, Baby Anne, CPR Anytime)
  • Life/form manikins (Basic Buddy)
  • Prestan professional CPR manikins 
  • CPR Prompt

Manikins will take the place of a victim and will allow for "real-life" CPR training scenarios.  These manikins have been approved by the AHA and have a rubber torso that allows for easy cleanup and "real-life" chest compression. The manikins airway can be opened to place a lung bag inside using an insertion tool.    

Choose from a brand of CPR training manikins below to get started.

CPR Prompt manikins
Laerdal Manikins

Life-Form Manikins
Prestan manikins

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