Cardiac Life AED Donation Program

Cardiac Life™ has created a donation program with no out-of-pocket cost for the AED.  This turnkey package includes a new battery with a 4-year warranty, carry case, rescue ready kit and 2 adult electrodes.

Cardiac Life™ has developed a comprehensive 5-year maintenance program which includes a 24/7 subscription to AEDSafetrack™ that is required when a donation is approved.  This includes monthly notifications and tracking of AED accessory replacement needs.  Additional accessory needs, such as electrodes, batteries, carry cases or Rescue Ready Kit replacements, will be the responsibility of the organization.  The 5-year maintenance program is a total cost of $650.

The Maintenance Package includes:

  • AED registration on AEDSafetrack™, the premier AED management tool
  • Monthly notifications
  • Advanced notification of accessory expiration dates
  • Required medical prescription
  • 1-year in-house warranty on the AED

    Please complete the form below to request a donation.