AED Remote Monitoring Systems

AEDs are FDA-regulated medical devices approved for use by non-medically trained lay people to treat sudden cardiac arrest. AED owners are responsible for ensuring these life-saving devices are ready to work every time they are needed. But ensuring AED readiness can be a real challenge for organizations of any size. Yes, AEDs perform periodic self-tests of internal components, and all AEDs have visual status indicators that alert owners if there's a problem with the device's readiness. But regularly checking for these indications, and keeping track of the various expiration dates of each AED's batteries and pads, can be a demanding task for an AED coordinator. AED Monitoring Systems are now becoming available in many forms. Let Cardiac Life help you determine what best fits your AED program.

Please watch the PowerPoint below, and complete the available form. A representative will contact you to discuss your current AED program, and the available AED remote monitoring options for your AED program.