• AED Practi-TRAINER English & Spanish WL220ES05

AED Practi-TRAINER® English/Spanish

·       All Practi-TRAINERS® come standard with an English/Spanish voice module

·       Special orders of any two other languages are available. Please allow 2 weeks lead time

·       Please call us for more information on special language combinations

Includes 1 each of the following:

·       AED Practi-TRAINER® with English/Spanish (or other language) voice module with 8 pre-programmed scenarios;

·       Remote control (batteries not included);

·       Set of child pads and connector;

·       Set of adult pads and connector;

·       Manual;

·       Carry case

The AED Practi-TRAINER® includes a replaceable scenario/language module.  This makes it the most unique and cost-effective unit on the market today.  As a result, our replaceable module means that when AHA guidelines are updated, you will only need to upgrade your plug-in module. There is no need to buy an entirely new unit or send it out for re-programming.

Now updated with more features!

Our updated AED Practi-TRAINER® now includes an adjustable metronome, with automatic and semi-automatic modes. In addition, there are more scenarios and unique “simulations” for a more in-depth learning experience.


·       10 scenarios

·       English/Spanish language module included

·       voice module is removable and replaceable if guidelines change

·       volume adjustment

·       external speaker input

·       adjustable metronome 100, 110, 120 cpm

·       “Switch CPR mode” allows for compression only or compression and breaths metronome

·       automatic and semi-automatic modes

·       9 simulation options (low battery, poor pad connection, etc.), allow additional, realistic training opportunities

·       the main unit uses 3 AA batteries

·       remote uses 2 AAA batteries

The AED Practi-TRAINER® comes with a 3-year warranty


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AED Practi-TRAINER English & Spanish WL220ES05

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