Family & Friends CPR Anytime Personal Learning Program allows anyone to learn the core skills of CPR in just 20 minutes.


  • Includes everything needed to learn CPR and choking relief
  • Incorporates research-proven Practice-While-Watching method of CPR instruction to improve learning, and retention and offer maximum skills practice

The CPR Anytime kit includes the following components:

  • 1 bilingual (English/Spanish) Family & Friends CPR Anytime DVD to refresh skills as often as needed
  • 1 poly-bagged Mini Anne CPR personal manikin that clicks when you’ve pressed hard enough
  • 1 bilingual (English/Spanish) Skills Reminder Card to carry with you for skills reference
  • 1 Mini Anne replacement lung to exchange when sharing the kit (additional replacement lungs can be ordered)
  • Manikin wipes to clean manikin after use and before sharing

  • Replaces 90-1003 & 90-1004

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Family & Friends CPR Anytime Personal Learning System

  • $60.00

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