• AIVIA® 300 Indoor/Outdoor Smart Monitoring Cabinet

AIVIA® 300 Indoor/Outdoor Smart Monitoring Cabinet

AIVIA® 300 with LAN or 3G communication requires an Internet connection or a data plan and a cellular phone in order to enable a remote hardware monitoring.

Note that the 3G SIM Card is not provided by HD1PY.


  • Monitors the presence of the AED and its immediate surroundings
  • Provides real-time information concerning incidents and events
  • Lighting for low ambient light through luminosity sensor
  • Email notifications on events
  • Can store all AED brands and models
  • Constructed of red ABS plastic for the chassis with a clear anti-UV polycarbonate cover
  • Weight - 8.5 lbs
  • Dimensions - Length: 15 1/4" Height: 16 5/8" Depth: 7 15/16"


  • A ventilation fan
  • Audible alarm
  • Visual alarm
  • AED presence sensor
  • Ambient lighting
  • An LCD screen which displays the cabinet status and incidents

AED cabinet add-ons:

  • Choose a convection heating device and add an infrared lens which will take a picture when the cabinet is opened and if the AED is removed
  • Alarms, cabinet status, incidents and events, and photos can be sent to a location of your choosing via ethernet connection to a PC or tablet, or to a smartphone via 3G
  • The fan and optional convection heating system combine to make a completely climate controlled environment
  • The alarm, lights, fan, optional heater and infrared lens are powered by the included 24VDC Power Supply (The power supply must be hard-wired into your facility's electrical system)
  • Pictures from the optional Photo Control will be obtainable via the software (AIVIAnet is accessible via login and password)

24/7 monitoring of the cabinet and AED via AIVIAnet server includes:

  • Multilingual version requiring a username and password for access to the server
  • Incidents displayed with the possibility of  verifying and logging information and events
  • Several cabinets may be monitored as to presence of the AED, photos taken upon opening the cabinets, control systems, alarms
  • Programmable to send emails/SMS alerts to one or more recipients should an incident occur
  • Record keeping of past incidents
  • Color-coded data interpretation
  • Geolocation of any AIVIA cabinet connected to the network
  • A two-year subscription to AIVIAnet (Additional yearly subscriptions are available for purchase after the two-year subscription has expired)

Alternate Part Number(s): U2A300UEX110, U2A300UEX111, U2A300UEX120, U2A300UEX121, U2A300U3X110, U2A300U3X111, U2A300U3X120, U2A300U3X121, U2A320UEH110, U2A320UEH111, U2A320UEH120, U2A320UEH121

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AIVIA® 300 Indoor/Outdoor Smart Monitoring Cabinet

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