• DMS-05027 ICS Operational Area Flag Kit

Use of this command flag kit aids in top-down organizational development, landmarking of key positions, identification of key personnel, reduced radio traffic and expedites face to face communications.

Provide a clearly defined operational area, and simplify unified command.


  • 1 Command Post Flag 
  • 1 Logistics Section Flag 
  • 1 Operations Section Flag 
  • 1 Plans Section Flag 
  • 1 Fire Suppression Flag 
  • 1 MCI Branch Flag 
  • 1 Rescue Branch Flag 
  • 1 Hazmat Branch Flag 
  • 8 Fold-up Tripod Flag Pole Stand, Max. Height: 84 in. 
  • 1 Durable Carry Bag  

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DMS-05027 ICS Operational Area Flag Kit

  • $530.99

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