DMS-05981 Tactical LE Life-Pak Chest Mount Bag. Access Life-Saving-Intervention supplies when needed most. Optimized for Law Enforcement - Tactical Emergency Care Compliant (TECC)

This Versatile Chest-Pak is optimal for any situation that may require LSI (Life-Saving-Intervention). Optimized for lessons learned in tactical medicine and rigorous field testing, this pack meets the demands of high-intensity events.

ALERRT (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training) Tool for Rescue Task Force.


  • Battle-proven chest-mount neck-sling design for rapid donning and eyes-free access to medical supplies & tactical gear
  • Internal and external Molle attachment points for unlimited configurations of medical supplies & battle gear
  • Use optional loadout package or create custom loadouts to fit your specific needs


  • 2 Molle magazine pouches
  • Integrated 4-color triage ribbon systems
  • Velcro® front flap for attachment of agency placard (placard not included)
  • 2 - 30 Round Magazine Pouch/Clip Holders
  • Rugged Cordura® and YKK Construction
  • Standard Triage Ribbon Cassette comes loaded with 4 - 150' Triage Colored Rolls
    • IMMEDIATE - Red
    • DELAYED - Yellow
    • MINOR - Green
    • EXPECTANT/MORGUE - Black/White Diagonal Stripe for easy identification in low light
  • 2 - Grease Pens
  • 1 - Tethered Waterproof Laminated Triage Count Card

NOTE: Magazines not included

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DMS-05981 LE Life-Pak Tactical Ribbon Bag

  • $189.97

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