DMS-05424 - HICS 2014 Command Board Deluxe Toolkit 26 for Smaller Hospitals

Designed with the large hospital in mind. An important piece in the quick deployment of HICS positions. Companion piece to our DMS-05312 HICS 26 Position Vest Kit.

A Total Solution for HICS 2014 Compliance:


  •  Framed 26 Position Dry-Erase Command Board with integrated dry-erase markers and caddy (36" X 24")
  • 2nd Laminated Dry-Erase Command Board for Mobility or Mounting
  • Tabbed Binder with Job Action Sheets (JAS and Worksheets for all Hospital Incident Management Team (HIMT) Positions
  • Laminated Dry-Erase HICS IAP QuickStart Form (24" X 18")
  • CD with Essential HICS 2014 Content which Includes:

Interactive Command Board in Fillable PDF format and Linked to Job Action Sheets
- HICS Guidebook in FlipBook Format
- HIMT Charts in Browser-based Format with Linked PDF Job Action Sheets

Dimensions: 38.00 x 26.00 x 2.50

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DMS-05424 HICS 2014 Command Board Dry Erase for Small-Medium Hospitals

  • $514.99

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