Tactical Medical Solutions Helios System w/ Active Warming

Hypothermia prevention and management is a key component in the fight to prevent the onset of the lethal triad (acidosis, hypothermia, and coagulopathy). Failure to manage this condition early in the treatment process can reduce patient survivability and further complicate the treatment process. The Helios® System was developed to provide the care provider with an ultra-compact, lightweight, modular system that allows varying levels of heat retention while still allowing patient accessibility.


  • Two-piece system allows different levels of coverage to accommodate time available and the tactical situation
  • Easy-load casualty bag lays flat and is adjustable to fit most sizes of casualties
  • Complete casualty access
  • Blanket anchors protect against rotor wash and high winds by securing the system to most litters
  • High visibility pocket for placement of STAT cards or other triage cards

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Tactical Medical Solutions Helios System with Active Warming

  • $87.95

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