• Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3 Trainer

This product is for training and not for actual use during Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 

The Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3 Trainer is the perfect way to familiarize your team with the operation of the Powerheart AED as well as keep their skills fresh between recertification courses.  It simulates different rescue situations and gives students valuable, realistic practice with an AED.

Features include:

  • A wireless remote control that allows instructors to vary rescue conditions and scenarios to reinforce student learning.
  • Pause functionality that allows instructors to stop training to emphasize an important point and then continue the simulation without restarting.
  • Reusable training pads that can be used for adult or pediatric training.
  • Simulations in either fully automatic or semi-automatic defibrillator mode.

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Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3 Trainer

  • $454.00

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