• DMS-05372 HICS 2014 Command Vest Kit - 76 Position for Large Hospitals

All Disaster Management Systems' HICS Kits are the only kits that are shipped ready to deploy as soon as you receive them. Not just a bag of vests, every position vest is shipped with position responsibility sheets on clipboards with pens and ready to roll.


This Complete 76 Position NIMS/HICS Hospital Incident Command Vest Kit supports a monumental effort by the HICS National Working Group, the National Integration Center, and the Emergency Management Institute in providing medical facilities nationwide with a truly flexible command structure that meets the requirements of the national response plan.


The HICS 2014 Hospital Incident Command Vest Kit includes:


76 Position Vests:

  • Incident Commander
  • Public Information Officer
  • Safety Officer
  • Liaison Officer
  • Medical/Technical Specialists (listed below)
  •  Biological/Infectious Disease
  •  Chemical
  •  Radiological
  •  Clinic Administration
  •  Hospital Administration
  •  Legal Affairs
  •  Risk Management
  •  Medical Staff
  •  Pediatric Care
  •  Medical Ethicist
  • Operations Section Chief
  • Staging Manager
  • Personnel Staging Team Leader
  • Vehicle Staging Team Leader
  • Equipment/Supply Staging Team Leader
  • Medication Staging Team Leader
  • Medical Care Branch Director
  • Inpatient Unit Leader
  • Outpatient Unit Leader
  • Casualty Care Unit Leader
  • Behavioral Health Unit Leader
  • Clinical Supportive Unit Leader
  • Patient Registration Unit Leader
  • Infrastructure Branch Director
  • Power/Lighting Unit Leader
  • Water/Sewer Unit Leader
  • HVAC Unit Leader
  • Building/Grounds Unit Leader
  • Medical Gasses Unit Leader
  • HazMat Branch Director
  • Detection and Monitoring Unit Leader
  • Spill Response Unit Leader
  • Victim Decontamination Unit Leader
  • Facility/Equip. Decontamination Unit Leader
  • Security Branch Director
  • Access Control Unit Leader
  • Crowd Control Unit Leader
  • Traffic Control Unit Leader
  • Search Unit Leader
  • Law Enforcement Interface Unit Leader
  • Business Continuity Branch Director
  • IT Systems & Applications Unit Leader
  • Services Continuity Unit Leader
  • Records Management Unit Leader
  • Patient Family Assistance Branch Director
  • Social Services Unit Leader
  • Family Reunification Unit Leader
  • Planning Section Chief
  • Resources Unit Leader
  • Personnel Tracking Manager
  • Materiel Tracking Manager
  • Situation Unit Leader
  • Patient Tracking Manager
  • Bed Tracking Manager
  • Documentation Unit Leader
  • Demobilization Unit Leader
  • Logistics Section Chief
  • Service Branch Director
  • Communications Unit Leader
  • IT/IS Equipment Unit Leader
  • Food Services Unit Leader
  • Support Branch Director
  • Employee Health & Well-Being Unit Leader
  • Labor Pool & Credentialing Unit Leader
  • Employee Family Care Unit Leader
  • Supply Unit Leader
  • Transportation Unit Leader
  • Finance/Administration Section Chief
  • Time Unit Leader
  • Procurement Unit Leader
  • Compensation/Claims Unit Leader
  • Cost Unit Leader
  • Responsibility Cards for Each Position with Clipboard and Pen
  • Durable Carry Bags

Dimensions: 87.36 x 44.25 x 48.00

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DMS-05372 HICS 2014 Command Vest Kit - 76 Position for Large Hospitals

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