• Choice AED Program Management Package

$198.00 per AED per year

$792.00 per AED for 5 years

1. Medical Direction:

  • Medical Direction coverage between the customer and our Emergency HealthCare Provider (EHCP)
  • Filing of required documents; Notice of Intent and Collaborative Agreement, with local EMS Councils as required by state law
  • Notification of 911 Dispatch Centers and Ambulance Service of customers status as PAD Site; as required by local law
  • Emergency Response Plans and AED Protocols customized for customer and kept with AED/Medical Direction documents

2. AED Tracking Tool: Enrollment in AEDSafetrack.com website:

  • Cardiac Life will assist with set up and maintenance of all AED information
  • AED Coordinator and any additional identified designees will have customizable access to AED information from any computer, 24/7 dashboard view of compliance at a glance
  • Automatic notifications of accessory expiration dates with 30/60/90 day options
  • Monthly Inspection Tracking Log
  • Trained Responder Certification Status Tracking
  • Simple Class registration process and viewable pre/post Rosters
  • Program can provide Reports for both AEDs and Trained Responders to assist with Budgeting and Forecasting
  • AED User Manual resources and CPR/AED Skills Video available at all times

To learn if your organization is compliant with local and state laws or to schedule a free demonstration of AEDSafetrack please contact us at Cardiac Life.

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Choice AED Program Management Package

  • Product Code: MCOY
  • Availability: 2000
  • Starting From $198.00

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