• DMS-05585 Dept of Health Command Kit - 29 Pos

All Disaster Management Systems' Command Kits are the only kits that are shipped ready to deploy as soon as you receive them.  Not just a bag of vests, every position vest is shipped with position responsibility sheets on clipboards with pens.

The NIMS/ICS 29 Position Department of Health Command Kit™ is a must for quick deployment of Department of Health positions and helps to meet the requirements of the national response plan.


  • Position responsibility sheets for each position with clipboard and pen 
  • Durable carry bag

29 - Position Vests

Incident Command:

  • Incident Commander
  • Public Information Officer
  • Safety Officer
  • Liaison Officer


  • Operations Section Chief
  • Epidemiology Group Supervisor
  • Medical Care Group Supervisor
  • Environmental Group Supervisor
  • Pre-Hospital Group Supervisor
  • Disease Control Group Supervisor
  • Mass Fatality Group Supervisor
  • Laboratory Group Supervisor


  • Logistics Section Chief
  • Support Branch Director
  • Communications Branch Director
  • Personnel Support Group Supervisor
  • Message Development Group Supervisor
  • Message Reproduction/Distribution Group Supervisor
  • Tech Support Group Supervisor
  • Volunteer Support Group Supervisor
  • Information Monitoring Group Supervisor


  • Planning Section Chief
  • Situation/Information Analysis Group Supervisor
  • Documentation Group Supervisor
  • Technical/Subject Matter Experts


  • Finance/Administration Section Chief
  • Financial Records Group Supervisor
  • Accounting Group Supervisor

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DMS-05585 Dept of Health Command Kit - 29 Pos

  • $1,556.99

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