• DMS-05752 EOC Vest Kit for Universities and Colleges - 27 Position

DMS-05752 27 Position EOC Vest kit for Universities and Colleges

An EOC (Emergency Operations Center) is the physical location where an organization comes together during an emergency to coordinate response and recovery actions and resources. These centers may alternatively be called command centers, situation rooms, war rooms, crisis management centers, or other similar terms. Regardless of the term, this is where the coordination of information and resources takes place. The EOC is not an incident command post; rather, it is the operations center where coordination and management decisions are facilitated.

The DMS-05752 EOC 27 Position Vest kit for Universities and Colleges by Disaster Management Systems identifies the most up-to-date positions named within the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Each position Vest comes complete with a job action worksheet and all EOC and ICS forms.


  • Position Responsibility Sheets for Each Position with Clipboard and Pen
  • Durable Carry Bag

27 - Position Vests

  • EOC Director - White
  • EOC Coordinator - White
  • EOC PIO - White
  • EOC Safety Officer - White
  • EOC Scribe - White
  • EOC Liaison - White
  • EOC Operations Chief - Red
  • EOC Fire & Rescue Unit - Red
  • EOC Law Enforcement Unit - Red
  • EOC Environmental Health & Safety Unit - Red
  • EOC Student Health Services Unit - Red
  • EOC Access & Functional Needs Unit - Red
  • EOC Counseling & Notifications Unit - Red
  • EOC Planning Chief - Blue
  • EOC Scribe/Documentation Unit - Blue
  • EOC Computing Communications Info Tech Unit - Blue
  • EOC Damage Assessment/FMS/Facilities Planning Unit - Blue
  • EOC Student Affairs Liaison Unit - Blue
  • EOC Logistics Chief - Yellow
  • EOC Human Resources Unit - Yellow
  • EOC Procurement Unit - Yellow
  • EOC Equipment & Supplies Unit - Yellow
  • EOC Facilities Unit - Yellow
  • EOC Finance Chief – Green
  • EOC Recovery Costs Unit - Green
  • EOC Expenditures/Compensation/Claims Unit - Green
  • EOC Records Unit - Green

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DMS-05752 EOC Vest Kit for Universities and Colleges - 27 Position

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