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  • DMS-05567 Evacuee Tracking Kit

This Evacuee Tracking Kit works in conjunction with all DMS Disaster Evacuation Tags and DMS Special Needs Evacuation Tags to efficiently track victims from incident to intended destination.

Reconcile your patients’/evacuees’ category receipts and destination receipts for a clear managerial picture of the incident.


  • Sheets are printed on 8 pt. waterproof/blood proof synthetic paper

Kit includes:

  • DMS-05561 - Patient Tracking System Portfolio Cover
  • MS-05506 - Pad of 25 Synthetic Paper Disaster Evacuee Tracking Sheets
  • DMS-05507 - 50 Pack of 2" Adhesive Backed Patient Category Pouches
  • DMS-05508 - 50 Pack of 3 1/2" Adhesive Backed Destination Category Pouches
  • DMS-05582 - 2 - 25 Packs of Disaster Evacuation Tags

DMS-05567 Evacuee Tracking Kit

  • $323.99

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