• EMT3 Tactical GO-KIT - Waterproof & Dustproof Case

Tactical Option for MCI Management

Key Features:

► Made In The USA / TAA Compliant

► Easily Stores in Any Vehicle

► Compact 8 Position Kit (18.36" x 13.76" x 7.03")

► Weatherproof/Waterproof Forms (Excluding ICS Pad)

► Enhances Triage, Treatment and Transport

► Ensures the Rapid Establishment of Command

► Intuitive Forms for Each Position


ICS Positions Included: Triage Unit Leader, Treatment Unit Leader, Minor Treatment Manager, Delayed Treatment Manager, Immediate Treatment Manager, Medical Communications Coordinator, Ground Ambulance Coordinator, Patient Transportation Unit Leader


Go-Kit Options:

·       DMS-05778T Wristband Tags Included

·       DMS-05778TF Florida Wristband Tags Included

·       DMS-05778TM Military Wristband Tags Included

·       DMS-05778TS Forms & Wristband Tags in Spanish


• Tactical Waterproof/Dustproof Case (DMS-06317)

• 8 Job Action Sheets

• 4 Storage Clipboards

• 4 Standard Plastic Clipboards

• 10 GCS Cards (DMS-05743)

• 5 Bed Availability Worksheets

• 20 Initial Triage Patient Count Cards (DMS-05751)

• 5 Triage Count Worksheets (DMS-05769)

• 5 Triage Tag Receipt Holders (DMS-05768)

• 5 Treatment Unit Leader Count Worksheets (DMS-05788)

• 50 All Risk® Wristband Triage Tags (DMS-05420)

• 5 Transportation Receipt Holders (DMS-05767)

• 5 Ambulance Staging Forms (DMS-05775)

• ICS 214 Activity Log pad

• Chemlight for Night Operations

• 8 Pens

Resource optimization and intuitive tools are key elements to mitigate an MCI. The EMT3   System from DMS is a proven evidence-based method of improving the three key operational elements in an MCI: Triage, Treatment, and Transport.

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EMT3 Tactical GO-KIT - Waterproof & Dustproof Case

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