The AED Pro® monitor/defibrillator is designed for both basic and advanced life support. While it offers guidance to the BLS rescuer, it also provides more advanced capabilities for the professional rescuer.

The ZOLL AED Pro comes in three models:  

AED PRO, MANUAL ONLY: 90110600499991000

AED PRO, SEMI AUTO ONLY: 90110400499991010


This rugged a high-quality ZOLL AED is for the professional rescuers.  It features a high-resolution LCD display with Real CPR Help.  Which allows visual cues for the patients ECG.  The machine is resistant to dust and water and has an IP55 rating. 

Real CPR Help® technology provides real-time feedback on both the rate and depth of chest compressions to enhance CPR quality. It includes a compression depth indicator and metronome to guide the rescuer to Guideline-complaint CPR compressions. Three-lead monitoring allows medical professionals a lower cost option to view the ECG of patients who do not require defibrillation.

Advanced Capabilities for ALS Rescuers

See-Thru CPR® technology filters out compression artifact on the ECG monitor so advanced rescuers can see the underlying heart rhythm during CPR. Used in conjunction with the optional manual override feature, See-Thru CPR enables rescuers to reduce pause time by identifying a shockable heart rhythm and providing therapy immediately rather than waiting until the next analysis cycle. And AED Pro electrodes can be seamlessly transferred to other ZOLL® defibrillators when the crash cart arrives.

Additional Product Features

High-resolution LCD display

Complete electrode compatibility with ZOLL’s line of professional defibrillators and AED Plus®

Battery compatibility with ZOLL’s R Series® professional defibrillator

Rugged design with an IP (ingress protection) rating of IP55 for dust and water, and passes the 1.5 meter drop test

Considerable memory capacity: 20 minutes of ECG, operator, and device actions with audio recording enabled; 4 patient records up to 1.45 hours each, or up to 5.8 hours for a single record of ECG and event data without audio recording.

Use AEDSafetrack Program Management to service and document that your Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are compliant with local and state laws.

What’s Included:


* 5-Year Warranty 

* Non-rechargeable lithium battery

* One set of CPR-D Padz (Electrodes) OR two sets of Stat Padz II, AND Option to add AED Pro ECG Cable AAMI

*  Rescue Ready Kit (Includes CPR Mask, Razor, Scissors, Gauze Pads, Latex Gloves)

*  Physician’s Prescription

* Register for an AEDSafetrack™ Webinar, the premier AED Program Management Tool

* Optional Preventative Maintenance

* Free Shipping


* Back-lit LCD screen

* View patient’s ECG rhythm, waveform, shocks delivered, CPR compression depth

* Choose between Semi-Automatic, Semi-Automatic with Manual Override, or Manual options

* Real-Time CPR Feedback advises rescuer on rate and depth of chest compressions when CPR-D Padz are connected

* Only Defibrillator in the industry that can withstand a 1.5-meter drop

* Cardiac event data storage capacity is transferable via thumb drive

* Built-in Self-Testing

* Durable Defibrillator with high dust and water resistance rating (IP55)

Alternate Part Number(s): 90110940499991010, 90110540499991010, 90110840499991010, 90110340499991010, 90110920499991010, 90110520499991010, 90110820499991010, 90110320499991010

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