The 360P AED is a fully automatic version of the HeartSine 350P AED and offers the same advantages.

HEARTSINE GATEWAY is now available: 

HeartSine Gateway can communicate through a Wi-Fi connection to LIFELINKcentral AED Program Manager or LIFENET System. The results of the weekly AED self-test including if the AED battery is low are recorded automatically.

Some features that make the HeartSine 360P special:

  • Audio and visual CPR prompts to guide the user step by step through the rescue process. 
  • Has an IP rating of 56, making it durable and resistant to dust and water. 
  • The Pad-Pak (combined battery and AED pads) expire in 4 years
  • Has an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty


Use AEDSafetrack Program Management to document that your AED is compliant with local and state laws.

What’s Included:

  • *   HeartSine samaritan PAD 360P AED

    *   Optional Heartsine Gateway Add-on

    *    8-Year Warranty

    *    Durable Carry Case with Zipper

    *    Adult Pad-Pak, Battery and Electrodes Combined (4-Year Warranty)

    *    Data port with a cable, instruction card, user manual, and DCD serial communications cable

    *    Rescue Ready Kit (Includes CPR Mask, Razor, Scissors, Gauze Pads, Latex Gloves)

    *    AED Sign Package (Includes 3D AED Sign, AED Cling Sign, AED Inspection Tag) 

    *    Free Physician’s Prescription

    *    Register for an AEDSafetrack™ Webinar, the premier AED Program Management Tool

    *    Optional Preventative Maintenance

    *    Free Shipping


    *    Audio and visual prompts to guide the user through a rescue

    *    SCOPE™ (Self Compensating Output Pulse Envelope) Technology assesses rhythm and recommends defibrillation if necessary, adjusting shock for each patient

    *    Weekly Self-Testing

    *    CPR Coaching

    *    Lightest AED on market (2.4 pounds)

    *    Durable AED with high dust and water resistance rating (IP56)

    ALTERNATE PART NUMBERS: 350-STR-US-10 / 80514-000263

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HeartSine® Samaritan® PAD 360P

  • $1,651.10

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