The Tactical Medical Solutions TACMED™ ARK™ Evacuation Kit provides the necessary equipment for aid and litter teams, combat lifesavers, and medical operators to treat and evacuate a casualty in one compact package. The contents of the ARK™ Evacuation Kit are designed to significantly reduce the treatment and evacuation time of seriously injured casualties in a hostile environment.

The modular design of the bag allows the user to modify the layout to meet mission specific needs.


  • 1x Foxtrot® Litter
  • 2x SOF® TacticalTourniquet - Wide
  • 2x 4" OLAES®Modular Bandage
  • 2x 6" OLAES®Modular Bandage
  • 1x BLAST® Bandage
  • 2x QuikClot® CombatGauze LE
  • 2x NPA 28F w/ Lube
  • 1x TacMed™ SurgicalAirway Kit w/ Hook
  • 1x 14GA x 3.25”Angiocath
  • 2x Halo Chest Seals (4seals)
  • 1x Helios® System w/Active Warming
  • 2x Petrolatum Gauze
  • 7x Cotton Triangular Bandage
  • 2x Splint
  • 2x 2” Surgical Tape
  • 1x 7.25" Trauma Shears
  • 5PR Nitrile Gloves
  • 5x TacMed™ Combat Casualty Card

Weight: 13.2 lbs. (With Litter)

Dimensions: 20” H x 14”W x 7”

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Tactical Medical Solutions TACMED ARK Evacuation Kit

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