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The Cardiac Science G5 is Cardiac Science's latest addition. This AED allows for use in both the professional setting and for public access in public places. The G5 is available in Automatic and Semi-Automated models.  The Rescue Coach and STAR® Biphasic Technology (Delivers a customized shock) make the Sudden Cardiac Arrest rescue as simple as possible.  These AEDs are deal for lay rescuers and are being increasingly more available in Public Access Defibrillation areas such as schools, athletic fields, and workplace environments.   

Some features that make the Powerheart G5 special:

  • IP55 rating
  • English and Spanish Language
  • Rescue Ready technology
    • Clear on-screen text and voice
    • CPR metronome
    • Provides information to emergency medical professionals
  • Variable escalating energy
  • Non-polarized electrode pads
    • Two non-polarized pads can be placed on either location on the Sudden Cardiac Arrest  (SCA) patients chest
  • High resistance to water and dust

  • Enables rescue professionals and lay responders to administer therapy in a timely and effective manner

    Rescue Coach™ Prompting and CPR Metronome emits both text and voice prompts that will walk the responder through the SCA rescue. The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) will adjust and give feedback accordingly based on the user's skill level.

Rescue Ready® indicator communicates rescue status and confirms that the battery and electrodes have passed the daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests.

Use AEDSafetrack Program Management to document that your AED is compliant with local and state laws.

What’s Included:

* Semi-Automatic (One-button operation) or Fully Automatic (No button to push) AED

*6-Year Warranty and an additional 2-years after registration with Zoll

* Basic Carry Sleeve with the option for (Carry Sleeve + Semi-Rigid Premium Case)

*IntelliSense Battery (4-Year Guarantee)

* One iCPR feedback electrode and option add one spare (XELAED001B)

*User Guide and Getting Started Software

* Generic Rescue Ready Kit (Includes CPR Mask, Razor, Scissors, Gauze Pads, Latex Gloves)

*AED Sign Package (Includes 3DSign, Cling Sign, Inspection Tag) 

*Free Physician’s Prescription

*Register for an AEDSafetrack™ Webinar, the premier AED Program Management Tool

*Optional Preventative Maintenance

*Free Shipping


* Fast Shock Functionality

*Available in English or Bilingual(English/Spanish) Click Here to request more information on language options

*Rescue Coach provides user-paced rescue prompts and critical rescue information

*CPR Metronome for compression rate

* Daily, Weekly, Monthly Self-Testing

* STAR® Biphasic Technology, delivering a customized shock

* Durable, with high dust and water resistance rating (IP55)

* Event data transferable via thumb drive


Alternate Part Number(s): G5A-80A-P, G5S-80A-P, G5A-01A-P, G5S-01A-P, G5A-80C-P, G5S, 80C-P, G5A-01C-P, G5S-01C-P additional potential part numbers: G5A-80A-P, G5S-80A-P, G5A-01A-P, G5S-01A-P, G5A-80C-P, G5S-80C-P, G5A-01C-P, G5S-01C-P, G5A-80A-P with extras, G5S-80A-P with extras, G5A-01A-P with extras, G5S-01A-P with extras, G5A-80C-P with extras, G5S-80C-P with extras, G5A-01C-P with extras, G5S-01C-P with extras, G5A-80A-S with extras

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Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED

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