• 99 Positions NIMS/ICS Command Kits (DMS-05584 99)

All Disaster Management Systems' Command Kits are the only kits that are shipped ready to deploy as soon as you receive them.  Every position vest is shipped with position responsibility sheets on clipboards with pens.  The NIMS/ICS 99 Position Department of Health Command Kit™ is a must for quick deployment of Department of Health positions and helps to meet the requirements of the national response plan.


  • Responsibility Cards for Each Position with Clipboard and Pen
  • Durable Carry Bags

99- Position Vests


  • Incident Commander
  • Public Information Officer
  • Safety Officer
  • Liaison Officer


  • Operations Section Chief
  • Epidemiology Group Supervisor
  • Patient Tracking Unit Leader
  • Investigation Unit Leader
  • Syndromic Surveillance Unit Leader
  • Medical Care Group Supervisor
  • Hospital Unit Leader
  • Nursing Home/ALF Unit Leader
  • Health Center Unit Leader
  • Alternate Care Site Unit Leader
  • Pharmacy Unit Leader
  • Home Care Unit Leader
  • Environmental Group Supervisor
  • Radiation Unit Leader
  • Air Unit Leader
  • Food Unit Leader
  • Water Unit Leader
  • Pre-Hospital Group Supervisor
  • Municipal/911 Unit Leader
  • Private Ambulance Unit Leader
  • Disease Control Group Supervisor
  • MEDS/SNS Unit Leader
  • Isolation/Quarantine Unit Leader
  • Antiviral/Vaccine Coordinator
  • RSS Coordinator
  • Mass Fatality Group Supervisor
  • Mass Fatality Site Unit Leader
  • Mortuary Services Unit Leader
  • Post Morgue Unit Leader
  • Family assistance Center Liaison
  • Laboratory Group Supervisor
  • Biological Unit Leader
  • Chemical Unit Leader
  • Forensics Unit Leader


  • Logistics Section Chief
  • Support Branch Director
  • Communications Branch Director
  • Personnel Support Group Supervisor
  • Nutritional Unit Leader
  • Billeting/Housing Unit Leader
  • Labor Pool Unit Leader
  • Family/Staff Support Unit Leader
  • Supply Unit Leader
  • Transportation Unit Leader
  • Security Unit Leader
  • Message Development Group Supervisor
  • Design/Layout Unit Leader
  • Writers Unit Leader
  • 3 - Special Populations Representative
  • Message Reproduction/Distribution Group Supervisor
  • Website Unit Leader
  • Materials Reproduction Unit Leader
  • Emergency Information Hotline Unit Leader
  • Emergency Notification Systems Unit Leader
  • Tech Support Group Supervisor
  • Communications Technology Unit Leader
  • PC Support Unit Leader
  • Volunteer Support Group Supervisor
  • Credentialing Unit Leader
  • Registration Unit Leader
  • Information Monitoring Group Supervisor
  • Media Watch Unit Leader
  • Internal Communications Unit Leader
  • Rumor Control Unit Leader


  • Planning Section Chief
  • Situation/Information Analysis Group Supervisor
  • Epidemiology Unit Leader
  • Medical Care Unit Leader
  • Mass Fatality Unit Leader
  • Disease Control Unit Leader
  • Laboratory Unit Leader
  • Pre-Hospital Unit Leader
  • Special Populations Unit Leader
  • Environmental Unit Leader
  • Documentation Group Supervisor
  • Form Preparation Unit Leader
  • Event Documentation Unit Leader
  • Technical/Subject Matter Experts
  • Medical
  • GIS


  • Finance/Administration Section Chief
  • Financial Records Group Supervisor
  • Time Unit Leader
  • Claims Unit Leader
  • Accounting Group Supervisor
  • Purchasing Unit Leader
  • Meds/Vaccine Acquisition Unit Leader
  • Supplies Unit Leader
  • Compliance Group Supervisor
  • Legal Unit Leader
  • Regulatory Unit Leader
  • Licensure Unit Leader
  • Equipment/Facility Certification Unit Leader


    DMS-05585W Dept of Health Command Vest Kit - 29 Positions, Window Vests

    DMS-05585D Dept of Health Command Vest Kit - 29 Positions, Dynamic Vests

    DMS-05584W Dept of Health Command Vest Kit - 99 Positions, Window Vests

    DMS-05584D Dept of Health Command Vest Kit - 99 Positions, Dynamic Vests

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99 Positions NIMS/ICS Command Kits (DMS-05584 99)

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