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Physio-Control Semi-Automatic Lifepak CR2/English Only/Handle or Carry Case - IN STOCK

Physio-Control Semi-Automatic Lifepak CR2/Bilingual/Handle - OUT OF STOCK

Physio-Control Semi-Automatic Lifepak CR2/Bilingual/Carry Case - OUT OF STOCK

Physio-Control Automatic Lifepak CR2/English Only/Handle - OUT OF STOCK

Physio-Control Automatic Lifepak CR2/English Only/Carry Case - OUT OF STOCK

The Physio-Control LIFEPAK® CR2 defibrillator with LIFELINK central includes new technology able to make managing your AED program simple. 

Some things that make the LIFEPAK CR2 Special:

·       Self-Monitoring


·       Wireless Connectivity


·       Fastest Time to first shock


·       cprINSIGHT Analysis Technology


·       Layered and easy to follow design


·       Child capability at the push of a button


·       English AND Spanish Language option

What’s Included:
* Physio-Control CR2 Plus AED
* 8-Year Warranty
* CR2 Carry Case option or HANDLE (11260-000047 CR CASE can be added to any CR2 UNIT)
* Long Life Battery
* Adult/Child Electrodes
*  AED Sign Package (Includes 3D Sign, Cling Sign, Inspection Tag) 
* Free Physician’s Prescription
* Register for an AEDSafetrack™ Webinar, the premier AED Program Management Tool
* Optional Preventative Maintenance
* Free Shipping


* Uses ADAPTIV biphasic waveform
* The first shock is delivered at 200 joules and the AED will escalate the energy up to 360 joules when conditions demand
* Weekly and Monthly Self-Testing
* Highest available escalating energy

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Physio-Control LIFEPAK® CR2

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