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  • ZOLL AED Plus
ZOLL AED Plus Trainer 2
ZOLL Stat-padz® II

ZOLL Stat-padz® II



ZOLL CPR-D-Padz® Adult Electrodes
ZOLL Stat padz® II (12 Pack)
ZOLL CPR Stat-padz® Adult Electrodes
ZOLL Pedi-Padz II

ZOLL Pedi-Padz II



ZOLL AED Plus Hard-Sided Carry Case
ZOLL AED Plus Soft Carry Case
ZOLL AED Plus Simulator
ZOLL AED Plus Mounting Bracket
ZOLL AED Plus 3D Wall Sign
ZOLL AED Plus Flat AED Wall Sign
ZOLL AED Plus Training Electrode Pad

The ZOLL Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Plus from ZOLL Medical:

  • Features an IP55 rating for dust and water, allowing this defibrillator to withstand various environments.  

The Plus Defibrillator comes with the CPR Real-Time Feedback tool that helps the rescuer provide the best manual CPR possible during Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).  Even if no shock is advised, it will still instruct the user to perform CPR.  

The Plus is available in either:

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Fully Automatic (The Fully Automatic will assure fast shock delivery, with no delay in treatment)

To be indemnified under the Good Samaritan Law, follow manufacturers guidelines. Use AEDSafetrack Program Management to document that your defibrillator is compliant with local and state laws.

What’s Included:


* 7-Year Warranty after product registration

* Defibrillator Carry Case

* Lithium ZOLL Battery Set

* One set of CPR-D Padz (Electrodes)

* ZOLL Defibrillator Plus Demo and Set Up CD

* Rescue Ready Kit (Includes CPR Mask, Razor, Scissors, Gauze Pads, Latex Gloves)

* Defibrillator Sign Package (Includes a 3D Sign, Cling Sign, Inspection Tag) 

* Free Physician’s Prescription

* Register for an AEDSafetrack™ Webinar, the premier Program Management Tool

* Optional Preventative Maintenance

* Free Shipping

AED Features:

* Audio and visual prompts help you rescue with confidence and clarity

* Real-Time AEDs/CPR Feedback advises rescuer on rate and depth of chest compressions when CPR-D Padz are connected

* Built-in Self-Testing

* Durable Defibrillator with high dust and water resistance rating (IP55) 

To help and support customers in their understanding of Real CPR Help, ZOLL has created an instructional video. 

Product numbers: 8000-004000-01, 8000-004003-01, 8000-004004-01, 8000-004007-01, 8000-004010-01, 8000-004011-01, 20100000302011010, 20500000102011010, 21400710702011010, 22200710702011010, 22300700701011010, 22300700702011010, 20100001101011010, 20100001102011010, 20100001302011010, 20600001101011010, 20700001101011010, 20500001102011010, 20100000102011010, 21400010102011010, 20600000101011010, 2070000010101101, 20100000101011010, 20600000101011010, 2070000010101101, 21400010101011010, 20100000102011010-Text, 20100700702011010-Text, 20100000101011010-Text, 20100700701011010-Text, 20100000102011010-ECG, 20100700702011010-ECG, 20100000101011010-ECG, 20100700701011010-ECG


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