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  • DMS-05001 - Rapid Response Kit for MCIS

This 8 Position Rapid Response Kit includes Vests and Responsibility Cards that support the efforts of First Responders in the aftermath of multi-casualty events.  Based on the NIMS (National Incident Management System).

The kit includes:

  • 50 DMS All Risk Triage Tags
  • (4) 15 x 20 Colored Treatment Tarps
  • Durable Carry Bag
  • Clipboards
  • Treatment Area Forms
  • Pens

Vest tags include: 

  • Treatment Unit Leader
  • Triage Unit Leader
  • Immediate Treatment Manager
  • Delayed Treatment Manager
  • Minor Treatment Manager
  • Morgue Manager
  • Medical Communication Coordinator
  • Air/Ground Ambulance Coordinator

DMS-05001 - Rapid Response Kit for MCIS

  • $1,299.99

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